Hello, Jen Underwood here. I have been painting for about a year now since the beginning of 2019, nonstop. I found out fast that I disliked the average paintbrush, and had no use for something so restrictive, so I use a metal scraper, and household tools to paint with, as well as a giant sponge, rags, and use drip techniques with spray bottles. I use acrylic paint mostly, oil is too much.

I hate straight lines, and yet want to play around with and create Geometric, Conceptual, and Post Minimalist work, but find I end up going outside the rules which is great! True meaning of Abstraction Expression. I paint spontaneously while listening to music. I am filled with some type of emotion that conveys the deepest parts of myself.

Personal life:

Single, 45, and Born Again Christian, so it might come out in my work, wherever it leads. I can’t be ashamed of my faith, God gave me this talent, I am truly grateful for it. I cannot paint people or sketch, so my work is mostly based around emotions, frustrations. I was a Landscape/Nature Photographer for years since 2007, and still take photos, my fascination lately is that of natural light.

Art Interests:

In my twenties, I got introduced to Surrealism by a friend, and loved Rene Magritte. I recently enjoy Edward Hopper a lot, and obviously like Pollock since he was the greatest expressionist of all time. Modern Artists I like today are Rafi Perez, Richard Nocera, Jonas Gerard, Joris Graaf.


I paint using Acrylics mostly.

I use different techniques such as: Dripping, Spraying, Sponging, Scraping.

I use various tools like metal scrapers, palette knives, fingers, hands.I rarely use a brush.

I paint mostly on flat canvas boards, and wood.

I don’t use varnish/sealant on my work because it loses the “raw” factor of the painting.

I don’t currently do many prints other than some of my Photographs on RedBubble, for lack of a camera with high pixels.

I do ship Internationally, ArtPal takes care of of it.

I don’t accept Returns, it’s a difficult process with Art. If shipment is damaged, or you are not satisfied, you can exchange the piece for one of similar value. Smaller paintings cost about the same, larger pieces are within a ten to twenty dollar range also. Any questions you have about the art can be answered, if you email me, and I can take video and more photos upon request.